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While working for BreakThru Radio from January 2013 - November 2015, I wrote about a number of topics, but primarily entertainment-related news. In August 2013, I launched a podcast called The Hash (below) that continued through to November 2015. In January 2014, I became an editor, a position I held until November 2015.




"Studios Fight Comic Book Synergy"
Have you ever wondered why the X-Men can fight alongside the Avengers and Spider-Man in Marvel Comics but not on the big screen? Here's a breakdown of the reason why that is: comic book character movie rights. 

"'UnREAL' Creates Real TV"
Reality television may have seemed like a preposterous idea when it first began, but it has officially carved out its own spot in the weekly television schedule. Now, Lifetime's 'UnREAL' manages to honor and critique reality television.

"Loopy Doopy at The Conrad"
Molly Freeman recently checked out the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar at The Conrad Hotel in Battery Park City. While the views and drinks were enjoyable, she found the whole venue to be a bit overrated.

"TV Premiere Season Expands"
Television used to follow a regimented schedule: new seasons/series in the fall, new episodes each week through winter, finales in the spring, reruns were played during the summer. Now, although fall is still the time for premieres, it isn't the only season for premieres. 

"How to Change Representations in Media"
Although there have certainly been plenty of parodies created to the hit pop song "Royals" by Lorde, one recent YouTube video took the satire to a whole new level. "Typecast" creator Tess Paras speaks about the video and the representation of people--especially women--of color in media.

"Coffee Says What?"
The What's My Starbucks Name? generator pokes fun at baristas misspelling names of customers. If you type in your name, it will give you a funny adaptation based off of real written mistakes.


The Hash

The Hash was a, roughly, 30-minute dating and relationship podcast in which my co-host, Dane Feldman, and I discussed various topics under the umbrella of social interaction. We analyzed news stories, articles, movies, television, and other forms of media from a feminist perspective.


Stereotypes, Consent, and Friendships
Molly and Dane start off by discussing five ways people might be slut-shaming women. Then, the pair delves into the debate over Justin Bieber's most recent hit, "What Do You Mean?" and whether or not the song condones rape or promotes consent. The show wraps with the hosts joined by Samantha Spoto and the three chat about friendships and work relationships.


Sex, Selfies, and 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'
Molly and Dane discuss surprising statistics about sex. Then, the pair delves into the importance of selfies for young women in response to a Huffington Post article. The show wraps with an in-depth conversation about The CW's new show, 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.'


Grammar, Sexual Partners, and 'You're the Worst'
Molly and Dane are joined by Samantha Spoto to chat about grammar and online dating. Then, the three analyze what the number of sexual partners we've had says about us. The show wraps with an in-depth discussion between Molly and Dane regarding the three most recent episodes of FXX's 'You're the Worst.'


I wrote articles for from October 2013 - July 2014. My pieces primarily focused on analyzing trends within television and movies — both on screen and behind the scenes. I also put together galleries and lists with various themes pertaining to entertainment.


"Why It Matters That ‘Reign’ Ditched Its Love Triangle"
In the second half The CW drama's first season, the show moved on from its love triangle plot and it's a good thing.

"The Moment 'The 100' Became More than a Teen Drama"
In a futuristic dystopian world, The 100 nails power-struggle, team dynamics, and the fight for human survival with plenty of realism.

"The Steubenville Film Brad Pitt Should Really Be Making"
The possibility of a movie based on the infamous Steubenville case is frightening unless it's done correctly.

"Warner Bros. & DC to Make First Superheroine Film Since 2005"
With Gal Gadot signed on to play Wonder Woman in her own movie, she will be the first superheroine lead since Catwoman & Elektra.


TV and Film Review


I reviewed a myriad of TV series (some regularly, some not) for TV and Film Review from September 2012 - May 2014. I also wrote TV-centric features for the site.


"'Helix' S01E01 & 02 – 'Pilot' & 'Vector'"
The premiere episodes of Syfy's outbreak drama offer plenty of fun-filled horror and an interesting story.

"Marvel vs DC – Shared Universes"
Though Marvel is weaving television in with a film universe, how will DC stack up with Arrow and The Flash?

"'The Normal Heart' Review"
HBO's gripping portrayal of the AIDS epidemic in 1980s New York City is hauntingly realistic.

"March Sitcom Round Up (Part 1)"
How did Sirens, Broad City, and How I Met Your Mother fare in March 2014?